Nine innovative home products that enable accessibility for the entire family

No matter what you call it—accessible design, universal design, inclusive design, human-centered design, or our favorite, enabling design—the movement to create home environments that are safe, attractive and easy for everyone to use has…Read more

Drawer-style microwave from Sharp

Top 10 home remodeling trends in 2013

Want to know what’s hot right now in home remodeling? We’re excited to share the following top 10 design trends we’re seeing right now in 2013 after compiling the collective knowledge of our fabulous…Read more

Kitchen texture and sparkle

My Favorite Woodsy Wallpaper

I’m so happy! Wallpaper is back and it’s bigger and bolder than ever. Usages range from an entire room—including the ceiling for a dramatic designer look—to just one wall, to create a focal point…Read more

Woods Wallpaper by Cole and Son

You’re invited! February 27: STAY & THRIVE in in Home You Love

Are you enjoying the second (and best!) half of your life, or do you have a loved one who is? Are you (or your loved one) living in the home you want to spend…Read more

Stay and Thrive Class

Should we stay or should we go [during our remodel]?

You’re planning a remodel, and you know it’s going to disrupt your routine for a while. But you also know that in the end it’s going to be worth it. Whether your project is…Read more

Kitchen remodel design meeting

Shower jewelry! Fabulous shower drain options for your bathroom

We have some amazing subcontractors that are truly the best in our area. One of them, Service Plumbing and Heating, is currently featuring a plethora of exciting new shower drain options that are delighting…Read more

Linear Shower Drain

Ten simple things to make you happier at home

Have you started thinking about any New Year’s Resolutions yet? How about committing to be happier? Several months ago, one of my cousins told me about The Happiness Project—a wonderful book by Gretchen Rubin…Read more

Make your bed.

Five great resources for remodeling inspiration

As you consider how to remodel your home to better serve you and your family’s favorite pastimes and activities, we suggest you take some time to look through a few of our favorite resources…Read more

Suzanne Kasler Map Giclee available at Ballard Design

Thirty fabulous family rooms decked out with Christmas holiday magic

At Christmastime, your home should all be about “holiday magic.” And what better way to welcome Christmas spirit than to focus on creating a festival of joy for yourself and everyone you love? We…Read more

Christmas decorations on the mantel and holiday stockings

Five things to know before calling a contractor

So, you’re starting to think about a remodel for your Seattle area home, but you’re not sure where to start. You should know that accurate estimates and successful projects are the result of a…Read more

Kitchen remodel in Redmond