Does this sound like you?
Lifestyle Continuity

“We are thinking about retirement and since we are both healthy, we want to ensure that our current home will provide us with many more years of mobility and freedom. We love our community and home. We entertain our children and grandchildren all the time. We are familiar and comfortable in the home where we raised our family and the community where we volunteer and share our lives. We hope we can safely and comfortably spend our golden years in the home and the community we love.”

Thousands of baby boomers in the greater-Seattle area are choosing to stay in their homes as they age. We love it here! Many studies show that the comfort and familiarity of staying in our homes as we get older promotes healing and serenity not present in other surroundings. Therefore it’s imperative to begin the process of planning for our later years while still being blessed with good health and finances.

At Your Total Renovation, Inc. we will work with you as a partner guiding you and your family members on the best way to accomplish your goal of staying comfortably within your house, ensuring that you and your home stay compatible. We accomplish this by meeting with you, your family members, or anyone else that will occupy the home, for a comprehensive property evaluation to identify potential problem areas in the home.

Examples of some of the items that are identified include:
  • Potential slip and fall areas
  • Accessibility and logistical issues

Additionally, progressing health challenges are considered during this assessment and in the home modification design process.

Lifestyle Continuity home modifications and improvements may include:
  • Kitchen and bath modifications
  • Changes to stairways, door openings and walking surfaces
  • Improved lighting and whole house controls
  • Renovations to provide same-level living, or moving the master bedroom and bathroom to the first floor
  • Grab bars, easy to grab rails and door hardware
  • Modifications to the home entry and access areas
  • Improved reachable storage

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