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Stair Wars: Steps for improving stair safety for mom and dad

You probably know that falls are a real danger for seniors. A combination of declining strength and physical limitations means that one-third of independent seniors take a fall at least once a year. Between…Read more

Stair safety

Nine innovative home products that enable accessibility for the entire family

No matter what you call it—accessible design, universal design, inclusive design, human-centered design, or our favorite, enabling design—the movement to create home environments that are safe, attractive and easy for everyone to use has…Read more

Drawer-style microwave from Sharp

Top 10 home remodeling trends in 2013

Want to know what’s hot right now in home remodeling? We’re excited to share the following top 10 design trends we’re seeing right now in 2013 after compiling the collective knowledge of our fabulous…Read more

Kitchen texture and sparkle

Live happier in your home

Yup, “Live happier in your home” is our tagline. While material things don’t bring true happiness, we do think that a successful kitchen or bath remodeling experience can really put a smile on your…Read more


Aging in Place Guest Post: Good Design Works for Everyone

As authorized dealers for the accessible bathing products from Best Bath Systems, Tom and I recently represented Your Total Renovation at the Best Bath headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and spent some time with Esther…Read more

ADL Slide-in Spa

Aging in Place Guest Post: How Occupational Therapists Can Help

Your Total Renovation collaborates with a specialized community of trusted professionals in order to provide clients with the very best services customized specifically for their needs, desires, and budget. For some of our clients…Read more


Cool products | Touchless faucets and hand dryers

When washing your hands at Costco, ever wonder why you don’t see automatic faucets and hand dryers in houses? OK, maybe it’s just me. Did you know you can have both? Here are a…Read more

Cool products for kitchen remodeling

Coming June 21 | INSPIRED HOME LIVING in the Best Half of Your Life

  Join the Inspired Home Living Revolution—and make your house just the way you want it!   Inspired home living in the best half of your life Thursday, June 21 5:30 — 7:30 p.m.…Read more


For Mother’s Day | Letter from a Mother to a Daughter

We love the amazing image and letter that follows that was posted as a Mother’s Day tribute on the Facebook page for Spring in the Air, a floral delivery company. At Your Total Renovation,…Read more