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Five tips for a green remodel

Remodeling provides the perfect opportunity to make your home more environmentally friendly. A green home remodel typically has two goals: minimizing the impact of your remodel on the environment, and making the long-term operations…Read more

Recycled Glass Countertops

Nine innovative home products that enable accessibility for the entire family

No matter what you call it—accessible design, universal design, inclusive design, human-centered design, or our favorite, enabling design—the movement to create home environments that are safe, attractive and easy for everyone to use has…Read more

Drawer-style microwave from Sharp

Top 10 home remodeling trends in 2013

Want to know what’s hot right now in home remodeling? We’re excited to share the following top 10 design trends we’re seeing right now in 2013 after compiling the collective knowledge of our fabulous…Read more

Kitchen texture and sparkle

My Favorite Woodsy Wallpaper

I’m so happy! Wallpaper is back and it’s bigger and bolder than ever. Usages range from an entire room—including the ceiling for a dramatic designer look—to just one wall, to create a focal point…Read more

Woods Wallpaper by Cole and Son

You’re invited! February 27: STAY & THRIVE in in Home You Love

Are you enjoying the second (and best!) half of your life, or do you have a loved one who is? Are you (or your loved one) living in the home you want to spend…Read more

Stay and Thrive Class

Should we stay or should we go [during our remodel]?

You’re planning a remodel, and you know it’s going to disrupt your routine for a while. But you also know that in the end it’s going to be worth it. Whether your project is…Read more

Kitchen remodel design meeting

Five things to know before calling a contractor

So, you’re starting to think about a remodel for your Seattle area home, but you’re not sure where to start. You should know that accurate estimates and successful projects are the result of a…Read more

Kitchen remodel in Redmond

Home maintenance definitely pays off

TIP: Budget 1% of your home’s value for annual maintenance to avoid thousands of dollars in repairs when it’s time to sell.          Did you know the average homeowner owns their…Read more

Home Maintenance Gutters

Plan next year’s remodel this holiday season

Are you planning a remodeling project in the coming year? We think the holidays are a great time to evaluate how your home accommodates you and your guests—or falls short. Small challenges are often…Read more

Kitchen decorated for holidays

Five tips to avoid unpleasant surprises in your remodel

If you are remodeling an older home here in the Seattle area, you never know what you will find when you open up walls. These are the surprises that can’t be avoided. But there…Read more

Updated Seattle bungalow