Total Home Care
complete home maintenance & repair service

Total Home Care technician cleaning gutters.

Tom Dealy was on the Tina and Drew Show on AM 1090 on January 7th, and talked about our Total Home Care program! Click here to listen to his segment, and you can visit Tina and Drew’s home page here.


Total Home Care

Maintenance and repair are an undeniable part of home ownership. Keeping your home looking good and functioning well brings pride of ownership and peace of mind. But, when repairs or routine maintenance comes up, it can be frustrating to find the time or the right contractor to do the job. We can help. Our team will help you with all your repair, maintenance, and building concerns.

Our Total Home Care program includes three components:
  • Maintenance—Routine home systems check-up and service focusing on such items as Electrical, HVAC, window operations, door and door hardware operations, lawn maintenance, sprinkler systems, alarm systems, filter changing, energy cost reduction, safety checkup, etc.
  • Repairs—Small non-recurring maintenance projects such as replacing a window, repairing a door, etc.
  • Remodeling and building new structures—This includes full service remodeling of kitchens and baths, room additions, home offices, major renovations, etc., as well as building a guest house, adding a garage, perhaps constructing a vacation home, creating a pool house, adding an outside entertainment area, and other such projects.


Get started by creating your personalized plan—it’s free if you schedule your Total Home Check-up before January 31!

First, you’ll get our free Total Home Check-up. Just like you need a periodic physical to understand and maintain your health, so does your biggest  asset—your home! Our free Total Home Check-up will give you an accurate evaluation of your home’s current condition.

Exterior check-up

  • Main house and garage
  • Exterior electrical and plumbing
  • Roof, soffits, siding, windows and doors
  • Driveway, fencing and hardscapes


Interior systems and appliances check-up

  • Every room and closet
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Interior electrical and plumbing
  • Safety systems
  • Water heater
  • Appliances
  • Basement


Next, we’ll discuss the results and talk about your vision for your home. Your home is unique—and so are your needs! We’ll have a thoughtful discussion about your vision for how your home should be maintained and enhanced to support your family’s changing passions and needs.


Then, we’ll create your free Total Home Care Plan. Having a plan helps you prepare emotionally and financially for what’s ahead. That’s security! Your personalized plan will include your own attractive Home Care Management book including your:

  • Total home check-up report
  • Maintenance plan, schedule and cost
  • Short- and long-term plans with ball-park cost estimates for upgrades and remodel projects so you can prepare



  • You protect and enhance the value of your largest asset–your home!
  • You receive on-going, reliable and efficient care of your home and grounds
  • You are relieved of the burden of home care
  • You receive knowledgeable assistance with long-range planning which can minimize emotional and financial impact
  • You receive an accurate, up-to-date home systems inventory
  • You receive a documented annual plan to preserve and enhance your home
  • You have a trustworthy partner for maintaining and enhancing the value of your home


When is our Total Home Care program advantageous?

  • Now: Handle immediate needs to bring property up to a manageable level
  • Ongoing: Handle recurring service needs, provide periodic property assessments and an updated annual plan
  • Future: Provide up to three to five year project timeline, to be reviewed and updated annually


How do we deliver the Total Home Care program to you?

  • By meeting with you to listen and respond to what you want and need regarding your property.
  • By creating a multi-year plan, including short- and long-term projects, that capture your vision, and then executing the plan.
  • By providing responsive service and giving you a high priority in attending to your building care needs.
  • By assigning a Total Home Care manager to you, removing your need to know which person in the company to call for what.
  • By helping you prioritize short- and long-term projects to meet your needs and wants.
  • By bundling projects and tasks for efficiency, cost-savings, and convenience.